Student Life

When we say that our Core Values are at the heart of everything we do at SEA, we mean it.
That includes student life at St. Edmund’s Academy.

Respect for the needs and feelings of others

Because of our small class sizes, students get to know and value each of their classmates, and many in the classes around them. This leads to a deep social and emotional development, as well as meaningful friendships.

Millie B. ‘29

Whenever there’s a special snack, we all make sure that it doesn’t have egg in it, because one of our friends is allergic to eggs.

Understanding and appreciating the differences among people

The cultural and racial diversity of our community is a point of pride and strength for our school. To maintain that point of pride, our community, and our students specifically, are entrenched in the work of learning about each other and supporting friends in their learning.

Ms. Marian Lien, Director of Education for Inclusion and Global Awareness

Our Upper School students are so driven to create affinity spaces for themselves and each other, like the Black Student Union and the Asian American Student Alliance. That excitement is starting to spread to a lot of the younger grades as well.

The worthiness of service to others

We see service as something more than an act done and then forgotten – service at SEA is in the small actions of each person who takes a moment of their time to make the day easier or brighter for another.

Ms. Jennifer Losego, Preschool Teacher

The first part of our day in Preschool is identifying what each person’s role is as a Classroom Helper that day. That is how we talk about caring for each other, for the space around us and the other people in our school, and even for our class pet, Edwina.

The importance of taking responsibility for one’s own conduct

Kipling wrote that “…the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” When taking responsibility for their own conduct, the students of the SEA Wolfpack do so knowing that their actions affect the good of the group.

Jack S. ’21

Taking responsibility for my conduct shows others that I respect them, and that I value our relationship.

The central role of honesty in relationships

Some of the most cherished relationships fostered at SEA are those built through the SEA Buddy Program, where younger students are matched with older students, and buddies share activities together throughout the year. The program gives students opportunities to be special friends, and to practice the important role of honesty with people other than classmates.

Alicia B. ‘28

My buddy gave me courage, because I was kind of shy, and I wanted to say something to another 8th Grade Buddy, and she helped me.

The value of setting high standards in all endeavors

We ask our students to hold themselves to high standards because we give them a safe space to strive for those high standards. Teachers and Staff know each student in the building. This means that every adult can support our students in their disappointments, and we can celebrate with them in their successes.

Kevin L. ‘23

Set a small goal that you can achieve right now. Even if you think it’s a small goal, you can find yourself different from yesterday if you keep trying.
Guided by our Core Values and commitment to high standards, St. Edmund’s Academy provides a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing learning community where students are known, valued, and challenged to achieve their potential.