Our Approach

At SEA our promise to you is clear: your child will be known, valued, and challenged, to become an outstanding student and a great friend. Some of the practices in place to ensure we deliver on this promise include:

Belonging & Relationships

A child’s ability to fulfill their potential rests upon a foundation of psychological safety created by accepting and supportive relationships. At every level, our Faculty and Staff prioritize building individual relationships with students and their parents. Our small classes allow our teachers to give each student and their parents individualized attention while cultivating relationships among students that respect and appreciate everyone’s unique talents and backgrounds.

Research Based Practices

Our teachers are experts in the art and science of teaching. Everyday in every classroom students experience curricula that are rooted in cognitive science to ensure that every student is prepared to thrive in secondary school and be an impactful citizen.

Racial Literacy

In 2019, SEA introduced the Pollyanna Racial Literacy Curriculum at every grade level, employing concepts from history, language arts, science, geography, and STEAM, to support students in acquiring an awareness of their own racial socialization and skills for engaging in productive conversations about race and racism.

Time Outside

Whether working in one of our vegetable gardens, walking through our neighborhood to one of the nearby parks, or playing on the Playdeck, time outside is a big part of the day. In Early Childhood classes, students are normally outside two or three times a day. In Lower and Upper School, in addition to daily recess outside, Faculty members look for frequent opportunities to use the Outdoor Classroom…or to simply make the outdoors a classroom!

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development underpin our student’s growth and success. The way we are able to teach skills like empathy, emotional regulation, self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making, is through our social and emotional curriculum, Second Step.

This program gives our Faculty tools designed to put children on a path to lifelong success. Since Second Step is used throughout our school from Preschool to 8th Grade, our students are continuously engaged in both learning and social and emotional skills for emotional regulation and social development. 
Guided by our Core Values and commitment to high standards, St. Edmund’s Academy provides a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing learning community where students are known, valued, and challenged to achieve their potential.