Admissions During this Unique Time
At St. Edmund’s Academy, we pride ourselves on getting to know personally each family and each child who come through the Admissions Office—to understand the hopes and dreams you have for your child and to begin to discover what subjects spark their interest and how we can nurture and challenge them through their years here. We look forward to returning to the days when we can accomplish that goal together in person, but we are now embracing the opportunity to get to know each other in new and different ways. Resilience and perseverance are two of the hallmark characteristics of the St. Edmund’s Academy experience, and we are inspired by the incredible work in which our teachers and students are now engaged during SEA@Home, our remote learning experience.

For those families still hoping to become a part of our community for the 2020-2021 school year, we have implemented a modified admissions process that will allow you to continue with your applications and have a final decision before we return to our school building. In some ways, now is an excellent time to see how schools are responding to the challenge of the present, and we are proud to share our current work with you in addition to telling you what life, community, and learning are like at St. Edmund’s under more traditional circumstances.

This is a challenging time for everyone so I am available at your convenience, any time of day, to talk further about a St. Edmund’s Academy education for your child. Please call me at 412-521-1907 x121 or email at to arrange a time for us to talk further.

Now more than ever, our beloved quote from Rudyard Kipling rings true: “The strength of the wolf is in the pack. The strength of the pack is in the wolf.” Come find out just how strong this community is.
Our school community and the nature of our work is highly personal.  The relationships between our faculty, students, and families is the keystone for our work.  When faced with the challenge of adapting our model into a new format in the absence of physical presence, we looked to our Core Values in guiding our work.  Our Remote Learning Guide is the supporting document for SEA@Home, our remote learning model, and shares the vision of our work during this time frame that both maintains our high academic standards while respecting the individual needs of each child and family.  The talent of our team, the size of our community, our targeted focus on the needs of learners in Preschool through 8th grade have all contributed to a remote learning model in which we take pride and to which our families have enthusiastically embraced.  We invite you to read more to see how our school rose to the occasion of this unexpected challenge.

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