Welcome to the Admissions Office of St. Edmund’s Academy!

Since 1947, St. Edmund’s Academy’s focus on both academic rigor and character education has served as our distinguishing trademark in Pittsburgh. Throughout the years, that reputation has evolved with our student population and now includes recognition of our diverse population as a key element of our unique identity. Academics—character—diversity. These are the key tenets we hold dear and to which prospective families are drawn when seeking such an educational environment for their children.

You are in the midst of an incredibly important and exciting period of your child’s life. Whether you’re looking for a creative and nurturing early childhood program for your toddler or a more rigorous and well-rounded academic program for your middle school child, selecting a school is one of the most important decisions you will make in their young lives. At St. Edmund’s Academy, we know that choosing a school for your children means more than choosing a building where they will learn. It effectively means selecting a partner in the most formative time and experiences of your child’s life. We recognize how important this decision is to you. It is very important to us as well. We have spent decades building and cultivating the kind of community that, while remarkably diverse, has come together with the common goal of educating children in a way that challenges their minds, nurtures their emotional development, and intentionally instills a strong foundation of character to ensure that our children are scholarly, well-rounded, and—to put it quite simply—kind. This admissions process illustrates what we, as a school community, believe and how we enact those philosophies in our daily practice.

Our admissions decisions are quite careful and selective, but the process is never meant to induce anxiety or to project an air of elitism. We want to make sure that our mission and values closely match a family’s expectations and that your child will thrive from a cognitive, social, and emotional standpoint in our classrooms. This journey of discovery takes some time but, as an educator and a parent, it is my pleasure to walk you down this path. I encourage you to take as much time and ask as many questions as you need to discern between rhetoric and practice. We look forward to getting to know you well in the upcoming months, to discover the wonderful gifts and talents that your child could add to our school, and to see how they might benefit from our unique approach to academic and character education.

Thank you for your interest in our school and I look forward to working with you and your child!

Robyn Bracco
Director of Admissions
"We will always remember our beginnings here at St. Edmund’s Academy.  Learning from these memories and more, our experiences at this school have made us well-prepared for the road ahead. Our journey is far from over, but we will continue to be grounded by our Core Values. St. Edmunds has not just taught us Algebra and Latin, but the impact of its principles is something that will stay with us through our everyday life. The strong foundation provided to us by St. Edmund’s Academy has made us ready for the coming years, and will always be remembered. Walking into high school next year may feel intimidating at first, but we will always remember our family here at St. Edmund’s Academy." 

– Excerpt from the 8th grade students' graduation speech, Class of 2016

Why St. Edmund's Academy?

You have many wonderful choices for your child.  Why choose St. Edmund's Academy?

The families who pass through our Admissions Office represent a diverse spectrum of ethnicities, nationalities, religions, family structures, and socioeconomic statuses.  Amidst this wonderful diversity though, parents share one common hope: to find a school where their children will grow into the types of young adults they have always imagined them to be.  Typically, parents’ initial draw to the independent school system, in general, stems from a desire to provide their children with a more solid academic foundation than can be expected from most other schools.  When they visit St. Edmund’s Academy, they value our unique blend of traditional academic skills infused with a progressive approach to core competency development for students who live in an ever-evolving world.
However, families want more than just that. These parents realize that it’s not enough for their kids just to be smart—they also want them to be good and honest and hard-working and kind.  They appreciate that St. Edmund’s nurtures and supports not only the cognitive development of students, but their emotional intelligence as well.  With our Core Values at the heart of our philosophy and daily practice, students develop a strong moral character while engaging in our rigorous academic curriculum.
As the culture around us erodes and coarsens, young people with strength of character and an impulse to be good will stand out.  For nearly seventy years, St. Edmund’s Academy has emphasized character and values.  Children and families at our school are known well and we view our opportunity with your children as our sacred trust.
In short, the world needs St. Edmund’s Academy educated people.  I believe that St. Edmund’s Academy graduates thrive today not just because of how they are trained to think and reason, but because of the ways they are simply encouraged to be.
St. Edmund’s Academy combines a rigorous academic curriculum with enduring Core Values and a rich tradition in a nurturing environment.  Not subject to the most recent educational fad, or the unwieldy inertia of bureaucratic groupthink, we strive daily to deliver on an individualized commitment to Core Values and high standards that have produced our success for seventy years.  Our collaboration each day with your children brings that tradition into the present, revealing that in this cultural moment ideas including respect, understanding, service, personal responsibility, honesty, and high standards matter perhaps more than ever before.
This unique blend of academics and character development in our authentically diverse environment makes St. Edmund’s Academy a haven for these prospective families.  We are their hope for a better life and a brighter future for their children.  

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We are currently in the rolling admissions period for the 2019-2020 school year. To begin the admissions process please fill out an inquiry form or give us a call at 412-521-1907 x121.

Upcoming Events for 2020-2021 Admissions

Information Sessions
Parents of prospective Preschool - 8th Grade applicants for the 2020-2021 school year are invited to a panel presentation to learn about St. Edmund’s Academy from our faculty, students, parents, and young alumni. 
Please click on one of the dates below to register! All sessions run from 9:30 - 11:00 a.m.