Lower School

Grades 1st - 4th
The Lower School at St. Edmund’s Academy is dedicated to the education and development of children in 1st through 4th Grades. Knowing that children thrive in challenging yet supportive environments, teachers in the Lower School build the foundation for children to tackle new concepts, use higher-order thinking skills, and gain academic independence as they learn. 

Maintaining our focus on each child as an individual, we continue to place shared emphasis on their social and emotional development in conjunction with their cognitive growth as active learners. 

Our Lower School classrooms provide a solid academic foundation for students, invigorated by innovative teaching. We engage students in challenging and creative academic activities that encourage involvement and engagement—doing, not just listening, so that students are learning foundational skills and concepts while also making advances in competencies like collaboration, cooperation, individual accountability, and independence. 
Our class sizes allow teachers to make these learning opportunities authentic and meaningful and enable them to know each child’s learning style and personality very well. Specialty teachers further enrich the Lower School curriculum as they instruct in science, art, physical education, engineering & design, social and emotional health, library, world cultures and languages, and music. The atmosphere is exciting and full of joy and wonder. 

Character development is now further enhanced from the foundation established in the Early Childhood Program with the addition of weekly commendations of students who have exemplified one or more of our Core Values. This public acknowledgement of positive behavior in students contributes to our culture where students become increasingly aware and respectful of other people’s feelings, even among differences, and strive toward their very best in every situation. 

1st Grade

1st Grade is designed to establish fundamental skills through an enriched, engaging and challenging environment. Through consistent and clear expectations, students develop their independence, problem solving skills and become critical thinkers. A variety of meaningful experiences are provided and students are given the opportunity to be actively involved in their learning through cooperation and collaboration with their peers. First grade is a year full of academic growth, excitement and an opportunity to instill in our students a love of learning. 

2nd Grade

2nd Grade is a year of new discoveries. The children develop confidence as learners and view themselves as valued and contributing members of their classroom community. Collaborative work, hands-on experiences, differentiated lessons, and technology are some of the means used to assist the children in applying and extending their acquisition of new skills and concepts. To support these life-long learners, students are guided in a caring environment as they develop a mindset of perseverance and celebrate their journey to success. 

3rd Grade

3rd Grade is a year when greater independence in learning is fostered. Children take more ownership of their learning as they begin to explore projects and activities that are long-term. These experiences occur both at home and in the classroom. During this critical developmental stage, fluency is achieved and students are no longer learning to read, but rather reading to learn. Traditional and experiential learning meet to encourage growth and development and cultivate confidence in the learner. In the classroom, social and emotional skills, as well as character development, are taught using the Positive Discipline model. The approach enables students to feel their best, believe in themselves and develop a willingness to take risks in their learning. 

4th Grade

4th Grade nurtures independent thinking and behaviors. Students collaborate and problem-solve in a safe and comfortable classroom climate that encourages academic risk-taking, social awareness, and creative solutions. Organization, time management, and study skills are areas of focus that inspire students to take ownership of their learning and prepare them for the transition to Upper School. 
Guided by our Core Values and commitment to high standards, St. Edmund’s Academy provides a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing learning community where students are known, valued, and challenged to achieve their potential.