Since our founding in 1947,

SEA has placed equal value on the development of students’ intellect and the cultivation of their character.
Established in the 1990s, our weekly community gathering, known as “Chapel,” is organized around a series of guiding questions based on our Core Values, and is attended by students in 1st through 8th Grades. Each week we hear from a Chapel Speaker, who may be a member of our school community, or an invited leader from the greater Pittsburgh area. We also hear from our students who use the gathering as an opportunity to develop public speaking skills.
An important part of Chapel is the recognition of our students and their accomplishments throughout the previous week. Throughout the week, Faculty and Staff members submit commendations, recognizing students’ commitment to the Core Values and their contributions to our community. Each student’s name is called, and they stand while their commendation is read in front of the entire community.  

The program concludes with the naming of a Lead Student from grades five through eight who exemplifies our Core Values and who serves as a character role model for younger students. A long-standing and cherished tradition, the chosen student for the week is kept a closely guarded secret until the moment of the announcement. The new Lead Student is presented with a medallion to wear proudly throughout the week, and the Head of School reads an account of the gifts and talents this individual brings to our community.  

Learning about the Core Values

starts with our youngest learners.
Once a month, our students in Early Childhood attend Wolfpack Pup Meetings. These student-centered meetings explore each of SEA's Core Values, providing our youngest student's a space to learn about the Core Values in age-appropriate ways. The meetings focus on one Core Value each month. Students hear from a guest speaker, sing songs together, and learn lessons with our friend the SEA Wolfpup. 
Guided by our Core Values and commitment to high standards, St. Edmund’s Academy provides a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing learning community where students are known, valued, and challenged to achieve their potential.