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Elizabeth Patterson, Director of Social & Emotional Health, Co-Curricular Programs

Ms. Patterson is an experienced teacher and clinician whose role supports the social and emotional wellbeing of the St. Edmund’s Academy community.
She partners with teachers to inspire positive classroom management and provides counseling services to students. She brings her background in mental health, wellness, and fitness to the after school and summer programming at SEA. Ms. Patterson is a graduate of Muhlenberg College and received a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Chatham College.
“St. Edmund’s Academy recognizes and supports our Core Values, which are consistent with my passion for character education and social and emotional learning. I am grateful to be working in a community where unconditional positive regard, optimism, and empathy are at the forefront of everything we accomplish!”
Ms. Patterson’s LinkedIn Profile

(412) 521-1907 ext. 135
Guided by our Core Values and commitment to high standards, St. Edmund’s Academy provides a diverse, inclusive, and nurturing learning community where students are known, valued, and challenged to achieve their potential.