Robyn Bracco, Director of Admissions

As the Director of Admissions for St. Edmund’s Academy, Mrs. Bracco welcomes prospective families to our school and helps them navigate the independent school admissions process.
Her time as an English teacher, administrator, and Editor-in-Chief of a fashion magazine allows her to combine her educational expertise and creativity to drive the mission of SEA. Mrs. Bracco has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Emory University and Master of Arts from Teachers College of Columbia University.  Her doctoral research at the University of Pittsburgh was centered in rural Kenya.
“I’m convinced I have the best job in the school.  Being able to share with prospective families the amazing work that our teachers are doing every day in their classrooms is truly a privilege.  Having seen the impact that the school has had on my own three children makes my job even easier.  Plus, I get lots of hugs from happy children all day long, which is a great job perk.”
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(412) 521-1907 ext. 121
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