Our Campus

St. Edmund’s Academy is located in the heart of Squirrel Hill, a diverse neighborhood known for its diverse culture, a vibrant Jewish community, shopping, dining, and great city parks. Pittsburgh’s finest universities, hospitals, museums, and conservatories are nearby, and we enjoy relationships with these institutions and others to enhance our students’ experiences.  
Our three levels of classrooms, connected by two skywalks, are filled with students moving between classes, holding doors for each other as they go.  Two science labs facilitate a hands-on approach to science instruction that keeps students engaged in exploration and discovery.  The computer lab, art studios, robotics class, and music room round out our STEAM curriculum, and our auditorium serves as a practice ground where students gain years of valuable experience performing and presenting in creative and academic forums.  The newly-renovated Mudge Library serves as a place for learning, leisure, and community gathering, while our massive field house and two outdoor athletic fields provide a forum for students’ physical activity and fun.  When the weather is nice, students learn in an outdoor classroom or tend to the vegetable garden on our recently-renovated play deck.  
Beyond these amenities, however, our community firmly believes that the greatest value of our campus lies in the people who call it home on a daily basis—our teachers, our students, our families, our staff and administration.  When we invite prospective families to visit our school, it is not with the hopes of impressing them with ornate architecture.  On the contrary, we intentionally invest more time, take more pride, and share more focus on the PEOPLE who make up St. Edmund’s Academy.  

Learning in the fresh air and sunshine of the outdoor classroom — part of the St. Edmund’s experience then and now.

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