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St. Edmund’s Academy fundamentally understands the need to provide a comprehensive education that promotes both high academic standards and ethical behavior.  This enduring promise is our distinguishing trademark in the Pittsburgh area.  
We are committed to supporting each student’s academic growth and social-emotional development.  We recognize that students come to us with different learning styles that ultimately benefit from different kinds of instruction.  We also understand that human transformation occurs when our students are engaged in their learning and they feel connected to our community.  Research indicates that effective learning occurs in the context of supportive relationships and high standards.  Fostering this educational climate is what we have been recognized and known for since our founding.  The notion that education is either traditional or progressive is a misconceived framework in the field of education.  Rather, the blend of high standards in a nurturing environment leads to the progression of skill development and the formation of mature leaders who are intelligent, well-rounded, perseverant, and kind.

Every student—whether age 3 or 13—embraces learning and appropriate behavior at St. Edmund’s Academy.  Our students think deeply, write fluently, and they communicate with confidence.  Students at St. Edmund’s work with zeal and vigor under the guidance of our innovative instructors who make learning engaging and active and fun.
After graduating from the 8th grade, our students matriculate to a wide array of secondary schools from which our alumni report a level of academic preparedness that far exceeds the expectations of their secondary schools.  We have been and remain known for the rigor of our core academic programming, and that will remain constant in years to come.  
However, as we prepare our students to enter an ever-changing and interconnected world, we enhance that solid academic foundation with core competencies such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, among others.  The knowledge and skills they acquire during their years at St. Edmund’s Academy, combined with strengths in 21st century competencies, prepare them to thrive in their personal pursuits and to make a difference in the world.  
With our Core Values at the heart of daily activity in the school, their intelligence is framed within the context of character traits and habits of the heart that make them not just scholarly, but also good people.  They graduate prepared to combine their passion for their work with their compassion for others.

“Learning at St. Edmund’s Academy has always been engaging, active, and mobile.”

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