A Community Built on Respect

At the heart of the institution are St. Edmund's Academy's six Core Values and the understanding that we learn and grow best within the context of healthy relationships. As a community, we are committed to intentionally creating a safe and cooperative environment built upon respect, appreciation, care, and empathy. Within this atmosphere, each student’s academic, social, and emotional growth is encouraged. We deeply believe that all students need to feel a sense of belonging and that they behave in congruence with our environment when they sense their place in the community is meaningful and significant. In addition, we believe that all students are capable of learning the skills needed to be a member of a caring community, which include: responsibility, respect for self and others, self-discipline, self-control, compassion, empathy, confidence, risk-taking, problem-solving, sense of humor, and communications skills.

We understand that learning and growth, especially through the Middle School years, are developmental processes during which mistakes are made and from which learning occurs. Enveloped in this broader philosophy, there are expectations that are clearly articulated in our daily life at school.

St. Edmund's places great importance on respect for teachers and peers, acceptance of responsibility for one's actions, and consideration for others' feelings and property. All students at St. Edmund’s Academy are participants in a community committed to interdependent growth, empowerment, and relational connectedness. While students are continuously coached on behavior that is reflective of this environment, should a student’s behavior prove inconsistent with these commitments, a supportive process of reflection, practical remediation, and relational restoration will be initiated to bring the student’s conduct back into concert with these commitments.
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