Leadership Opportunities

As the senior-most students on campus, our 7th and 8th grade students are afforded leadership opportunities that are unique to a Preschool -  8th grade environment.  While all Upper School students are developed as leaders and are encouraged to serve in leadership roles in their classes, clubs and athletic teams, 7th and 8th grade students, in particular, are held in high regard by their younger peers and are invited, through student leadership councils, to deliberate regularly with faculty and administrators around ways to continue making our school a place they can claim as their own. 
Each week, a 5th through 8th grade student is selected to serve as Lead Student for the week. The Lead Student serves in a variety of leadership capacities throughout the week, including leading the Upper School Meeting, speaking in the chapel service, and even participating in meetings with the core administrative team.  The Lead Student experience is designed to both acknowledge and celebrate a student’s unique leadership style, as well as to continue developing the leadership potential that exists in each student. 
Effective collaboration and teambuilding are at the heart of our leadership development strategy.  While students hone these skills in the classroom on a regular basis, Upper School students also enjoy year-long experiences with their advisory groups. Multiple students from each of the Upper School grade levels are paired with a faculty member to form advisories, which serve as architecture for fostering a vibrant, empowering, and connected Upper School community. Students engage in games, teambuilding challenges and service-oriented initiatives throughout the year.
“Students have opportunities to practice the skills we teach them in a variety of ways that will springboard them into becoming excellent leaders of the future.  Our students are unique, valued, and appreciated for who they are and what they hope to become.” – SEA Teacher
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