At St. Edmund’s Academy, we aim to serve the whole student.  We believe the social and emotional growth of our students and the development of their character are just as important as their academic progress, which requires a robust network of support composed of teachers, coaches, and administrators who truly know their students.  For this reason, each Upper School student is assigned an advisor each year who will counsel students in their academic growth and social relationships. 
  • Meet with advisees individually and/or as a whole group on a daily basis
  • Collect and share insight on advisees with other teachers, coaches, and administrators
  • Serve as the point of contact on all matters pertaining to advisees and coordinate supportive measures among parents, students and faculty
  • Support the overall well-being of advisees
  • Hold formal conferences twice per year and are available for informal conferences as requested/needed
  • Actively monitor academic progress of advisees and reach out to subject-area teachers for updates when academic performance changes substantially
  • Encourage advisees to take ownership of their growth, empowering them to be self-advocates and helping them to reprioritize
  • Proactively develop a relationship with advisees in which their interests and aspirations are known, refined and celebrated, and in which they are encouraged to explore new interests
  • Monitor advisees in the areas of organization, time management, and study skills, and offer instruction and support where growth is needed in these areas
  • Recommend ways for each advisee’s strengths to be displayed in the wider SEA community
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