Our Hope for Our Upper School Students

When we send our 8th graders out from St. Edmund’s Academy, we hope that they will be uniquely equipped to think critically across a variety of different disciplines and to communicate thoughtfully and perceptively, both through discourse and in writing.  We hope that they will be nimble problem solvers, prepared to engage collaboratively with others to address problems that are presented to them as well as those they themselves have identified in the world around them.  Our graduates should be prepared to stand confidently in front of an audience of any size to speak with poise and authenticity.  We know that students formed in the St. Edmund’s Academy environment will be guided by their core values, uniquely attentive to the needs of others and confident from their SEA experience that our community is always better when we are not all the same.   Our graduates will have begun noticing beauty in art, music, and literature that will lead them into a life of enjoying culture.  They will also have been given the opportunity to begin developing a sense of identity that, while still being formed, they are beginning to embrace and even celebrate.  Our graduates will have been made increasingly resilient by taking risks creatively and intellectually under the nurturing support of their SEA teachers, and through navigating competing demands on their time and energies in a way that has enabled them to both assess life’s priorities and to strategically manage the resources with which they have been endowed. 

Most importantly, we hope that our students’ time at St. Edmund’s has helped to ready them not just for making something special out of their lives, but for putting something into the world.  So we send them out to put something good into the world, even if it comes at a personal cost. We hope that they will watch attentively, listen quietly, speak truthfully, care deeply, live meaningfully, give generously, and to make SEA as much a part of their future as it has meant to their past. 

Upper School Mission

 To continue building a vibrant community of engagement, interdependence, and empowerment that inspires growth in us all, by creating opportunities for each student in the Upper School to play a role in shaping the life of their school and by fostering a culture of hospitality in which students feel authentically known, where they experience deep connections to each other and to faculty, and where they are liberated to grow.  
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