Visual Arts

A true appreciation of art stems from an engagement with the artistic process and an understanding of how art enriches each person’s life.  In our two fully-equipped art studies, art classes for students in all grades focus on building technical skills as students learn to develop their own creative ideas and enjoy the process of creating.  Students are taught skills in painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and a variety of other media, but perhaps more important they are taught about the artistic mindset and then given freedom to make creative choices within the confines of any given project.  At the culmination of each project, they must then write about their process and the intentional choices they made.  Art history is taught in conjunction with studio art, connecting the past with the present and, in turn, providing inspiration and an appreciation of art through the ages.  Through class and independent discussions, students learn to reflect on their own work and artistic process and become increasingly comfortable with the critique of art work.  Using our community as our extended classroom, students enjoy field trips to sites such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Frick Art and Historical Center, and the Pittsburgh Glass Center, where they get to create their 8th grade glass tile project that remains as their personal mark on the halls of the school for decades to come.  
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