Lower School Music & Performing Arts

Music in the Early Childhood program focuses on singing songs and playing musical games.  Children are introduced to classroom instruments and begin to experience the joy of making music with voice and instruments.  Lower school students continue performing more complex music and are introduced to music theory and learn how to read sheet music while playing the recorder
Students from Preschool through 4th grade perform in individual grade-level performances, complete with costumes, rehearsed lines, songs, and choreography that are all enjoyed by family, friends, and members of the school community.  Students work with the art teachers in designing and creating the sets and costumes, and they perfect their songs in music class.  
Children in Kindergarten through 4th grade perform in Winter and Spring Concerts, 3rd and 4th grade students may participate in Glee Club, and students across the grade levels all increase not only their musical skills, but also their joy and appreciation of music.

Upper School Music & Performing Arts

Upper School students continue to build musical skill while performing more complex pieces.  General music classes include music history, a study of musical styles, and more advanced music theory.  Students utilize software to compose their own music, layering instruments in multiple tracks to create original compositions.  Guitar lessons are included in the 7th and 8th grade curriculum.  Additionally, all students can opt to participate in Chorus, Concert Band, and our String Ensemble. Students in these performance groups receive weekly small group lessons during the school day.

In the Upper School, students in 5th and 6th grades perform annually in our fall performance, while 7th and 8th grades shine in our spring musical.  Student can either audition to play roles on stage, or they can learn new talents behind the scenes on sound, lighting, stage crew, or set and costume design.  Through the years, students enjoy many opportunities to showcase their skills and talents with confidence and pride.  
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