SEA Explorers

At St. Edmund’s Academy we believe our deep traditions can be enhanced through partnerships beyond the walls of our school building.  We also believe in our responsibility to introduce children to a wide world of experiences and opportunities.  We believe that young children develop interests and talents through exposure to enriching new experiences.  Under the broad umbrella of our After School Program we offer two unique programs - Extended Day and SEA Explorers - that may enhance our overall program through inbound or outbound opportunities to our students.
Families who enroll their children in our Extended Day Program have the opportunity to choose SEA Explorers enrichment experiences to extend learning and enhance the after school experience. Since SEA Explorers enrichment classes happen at varying times after school, many families enroll their children in the Extended Day program and select SEA Explorers courses as enhancements to the Extended Day experience.  Children are escorted to and from Extended Day to SEA Explorers courses based on each family’s choice.  
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