Jerry May - 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Get to Know Jerry

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What was the last live performance (music/dance/theater/etc.) that you attended?

    Carly Rae Jepsen. Check out E•MO• good.
  • Q: Why do you love teaching at St. Edmund’s Academy?

    Most schools, businesses, or organizations have some manner of standards or values they claim to live by. In most situations, these are little more than a plaque on the wall or words under a letterhead. At St. Edmund's, it is clear that our Core Values are taught and lived every day at every level. Of course, there are times when people stray from them, but there is so much support from here at SEA for helping everyone act on our Core Values that the list of commendations each week could never run out of names!
  • Q: What three adjectives would your students use to describe you?

    Tall, goofy, fire an adjective now? How about lit? Woke? Not sure what they all are but the third one is one of those. I think.
  • Q: What is your favorite part of the school year and why?

    When the 8th graders meet their kindergarten buddies for the first time. The chance to see a group of kids with wide-ranging personalities all instantly transform into mentors, playmates, and role models for the kindergartners is a real treat. What makes it most special is that most of the 8th graders remember how much it meant to them to have a connection with one of the cool older kids.
  • Q: What is a cause that you care deeply about?

    Despite the myths out there, your vote really matters! So many, in the past and present, have been arrested, tormented, and even lost their lives for the right to vote. I love getting people registered and to the polls to make their voices heard!
  • Q: Describe your perfect day.

    Having breakfast in our backyard with my wife, taking in an episode of one of favorite shows, biking to one of Pittsburgh's many awesome neighborhoods for lunch, spending some time outside with friends by the Highland Park pool or playing an outdoor game, dinner in another neighborhood, then watching the Pirates win and celebrating with fireworks against the gorgeous Pittsburgh skyline.