Our Most Valuable Resource

Without a doubt, the most valuable resource we have at St. Edmund’s Academy is our team of teachers, administrators, and staff members who exemplify our Core Values and high expectations on a daily basis.  Our teachers know, care for, and strive to meet the individual learning styles of each child in ways that would be impossible without our intimate class sizes.  They serve as ever-present reminders to our students of the importance of strong moral character in the midst of career and personal success.  They pursue graduate studies, they run marathons, they publish articles, they volunteer voraciously, coach school sports, mentor students, and most importantly, their relationships help drive home to our students that their ideas and actions matter.   
“A school is no greater than the character, experience, and devotion to teaching of its staff.”  

--SEA Viewbook, circa 1950

Did you know

  • Nearly 70% of our faculty and administration hold advanced degrees in their fields of study
  • 30% of our faculty and administration have lived, studied, or researched in another country
  • Almost 30% of our faculty and administration have children who are currently attending or who have graduated from St. Edmund’s Academy
  • Our teachers actively support organizations including ALS, American Heart Association, Autism Speaks, Global Links, and many others with their time and financial resources

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