Ms. Morris began her independent school career as a science teacher and dean before joining St. Edmund’s Academy in 2015. Under her leadership, St. Edmund’s Academy has enhanced its curriculum to incorporate 21st century learning competencies and evolved its daily schedule to maximize student learning. Within the Upper School, Ms. Morris manages faculty and supports day-to-day interactions with students and families. She is a graduate of Bowdoin College and the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University. She will receive her Doctor of Education from the University of Pennsylvania in May 2020.
“St. Edmund’s Academy is a tight-knit community that places great value on meeting the individual needs of children. I enjoy going to work every day because we have talented educators who impart enduring core values and an appreciation for intellectual and emotional engagement. We strive to create learning spaces that challenge children to ask questions, to test assumptions, and to imagine the limitless possibilities.”
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