Six Core Values are Woven into the Daily Life

At the heart of every day, every decision, every practice, and every philosophy at St. Edmund’s Academy lie our Core Values.  Far more than philosophical ideals hanging on a wall, these six Core Values are woven into the daily life of our school.  
These values articulate the high expectations we hold for St. Edmund’s Academy students and help build a strong sense of self for each child.  We value children's character development with equal importance to their academic progress.  While we value academic intelligence, we also want each child to be a good, kind, and thoughtful person.  
These Core Values reflect our shared understanding of character traits that we collectively hold dear.

  • Respect for the needs and feelings of others
  • Understanding and appreciation of the differences among people
  • The worthiness of service to others
  • The importance of taking responsibility for one’s own conduct
  • The central role of honesty in relationships
  • The value of setting high standards in all endeavors

Students from Preschool through 8
th grade explore and enact these Core Values in daily practice.  
Additionally, students in Preschool through 4th grade explore core consensus virtues such as: diligence, honesty, generosity, perseverance, and humility through a literature-based program that cultivates character through the promotion of basic moral, civic, and intellectual virtues.  
The way students of all ages understand, interpret, and enact these values show a sense of maturity and social awareness that makes our students very special.  
“We are teaching children to be good people.  We haven’t lost sight of the importance of that.”  

--SEA Teacher
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